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#1: Welcome! And "How to Use rules" Author: ChristianLocation: Redwood City, CA PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2005 12:06 pm
Welcome to GpsXchange.com!!
This site is meant for all outdoor enthousiast with GPS to exchange cool track log and route.

Please READ This ENTIRE POST! - It's not that long!

The rule: you upload 1 track log or Route onto a forum and after that you will be able to download. You will not be able to download files until you upload one. Don't send request to be added to the group until you upload a valid file. It will be denied. I check all the files content for group authorisation, a file with a few waypoints will not do.

We needs to authorise your user name to download, we are checking regularly for new eligible members, if after a few days you haven't been enabled, send us an email.

Hopefully you won't upload somebody else track that you got somewhere on the web, if you do and we realize it, I am sure you will understand that we won't enable your account. At least give credit to the originator AND include your own run on the tracks so there is some added value.
DO NOT post tracks from club events, enduro's or races unless you are an authorized representative or have explicit written permission

Testing your Account
Please use the testing forum in the general section. This forum is made for you to test your account. You'll be able to see the attachment you made even if you account is not enabled. Your post will be there ONLY for 1 DAY then it will be deleted. NO EXCEPTIONS
Post in this section DO NOT qualify for the 1 track upload requirement.

Post format:
All post needs to have the region AND State mentioned in the title. Post without this information will be deleted.
You will notice that when posting a new topic, the body of the topic will have pre-defined text reminding you about the basic information a topic needs to have, this is to help other riders when looking at your tracks.

File format:
The prefered file format for uploading tracks is GPX.
This allows your tracks to be indexes using the google index and view it on Google Maps.
For Garmin, Mapsource latest version can save GPX files.
Magellan, and other if your GPS software doesn't understand GPX, you can use GPSBabel from [url]GPSBabel.org[/url]. It's free and convert from many different format.
File size limit is 2MB - you can attach up to 3 files per post. If you need more, say to post track for each day for a 1 week trip, post the first 3 files, then reply to you own post adding 3 files at a time.

Private libraries:
Some members wants to share their GPS tracks with no restrictions, Private libraries are for that. All REGISTERED users can download tracks from this section. No post or replied are allowed, it is designed to keep a clean groups of well organised cleaned up tracks.

If you believe you should have a private library of your own, please contact me.

Google maps
The loaded tracks can be viewed directly on google maps from GPSXchange.com. The only requirement is to load the track as a GPX file.
A link will appear in the same section as the download to view the track on a Google map

Linking Google Maps with tracks
The Google Map view of a track is available to anyone. If you want to recreate a ride report and link the Google maps view of the track, just copy/paste the URL / Link from the Google view and use this link in your report. There is no membership needed to view the track.

Google Map indexes
Each section has an index using Google Map. The indexes are re-generated nightly.
Only GPX format track are included in the indexes.
The marker for a track is calculated as the midpoint from all the track points and waypoints from the GPX file. Please cleanup your files before loading them up! Example: for a track in California, remove all the waypoints/tracks you have for Florida or the marker will appear in Central USA. Got the idea ?. Thanks.

Creating tracks
A great Starting point and explanation on how to create GPX tracks can be found here "Making Tracks with Garmin Receivers"

To convert tracks from one format to an other, GPSBabel [url] http://www.gpsbabel.org/ [/url] is very helpful

RSS feed
Use this link for your RSS reader

Registration VIP Code: 60CX -- We had to do this to prevent spammer registrations.

Make sure you agree with our "terms of use agreement" located in the registration page.

Let's have fun exchanging our logs...


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Gps Track log route exchange Forum -> News and Announcement

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